Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spinach Pasta

1 Bag of Frozen Spinach - (need to try fresh s/b 2-3 bags)
1 pkg refrigerated or dry Ricotta & Spinach Tortellini
Light Olive Oil
Extra Virgin dipping Olive Oil
1/2 small onion
1/2 stick Butter
2 cloves Garlic (4 TBS jarred)
Salt & Pepper to taste
Parmesean Cheese

Prepare tortellini per directions
Coat in light olive oil

Saute Garlic & Onions in Butter in large fry pan on med/lo heat until onions translucent
Rinse Spinach and add to fry pan cook until tender
Add Parmesean, Salt & Pepper to taste

pour spinach into shallow serving dish
pour tortelini over spinach.
drizzle with extra virgin olive oil
grate fresh parmesian over top.

bon appetit